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Shu-Junkies goal is to be the most influential and empowered shoe organization by providing you with the hottest trends and events that help our everyday women feel confident with every special moment in her life, rather that be ladies night, bridal/baby,  business trip, or a New Attitude. Shu-Junkies goal is to be there for every occasion.


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Lug My Sole ……….Please

If you are anything like me, Then you’re extremely tired of last season’s combat boot trends, the floral, the neon and let’s not forget about the clear colored Rain Boots. We all like to dress trendy and in our style, being different sometimes means stepping out of the box and creating your own trends.

As women, we are always looking for the next trendy thing, right? How about a Fashionable Exotic boot that has stability, traction, and is slip resistance? Sounds a bit exaggerated HUH?