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   Shu Tips Of The Week

  • The bigger your feet, the higher a heel you’ll be able to wear comfortably. So don’t assume you need to wear the same heels that models do; many of them have large feet to match their tall stature![3]
  • If you have open toe shoes try to put cushions around the area where your toe meets your foot. This will keep them from sliding out the open toe and your feet will not slide out. This helps if you have small or thin feet/toes.
  • Buy a quality pair of shoes. Shoes in the $150 and up range will last longer and be better for your feet, but you’d do well to pay more—buy the best heels you can afford, and remember an old-school rule: the higher the heel the more you should pay as the heel will be stronger—scrimp on your flats if needs be, but never on your heels as it’s just asking for trouble. If you can only have one high-end piece in your wardrobe, make it your heels, for there more than anywhere else, quality really matters, and makes a huge difference… and remember, quality is not necessarily ‘designer brand’—you want to source your heels from expert shoemakers, not clothiers and/or cosmetics companies! The better brands make their heels with a sturdier spike, better quality leathers, a more padded insole and they are simply more well-made all round.
  • If you are looking for shoes to dance in, check with your local dance instruction school for recommendations on stylish shoes that are designed for dancing.
  • Wear your heels as often as you can. This will help your feet and ankles get accustomed to the feel of your heels, and will help with your balance. The more hours you put into it, the better your feet will feel.
  • Best tip is: walk with confidence
  • Always make sure you are confident in your heels. If you are not, you are more likely to fall over.
  • Focus on one step at a time.
  • Boots with heels may be easier to start with. They give your ankles more support.
  • If you have sandal heals be sure not to wear them too much because the band around the back of your heel will wear out or break!